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Welcome to Maxanet Auction and Appraisal

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The Maxanet Auction Advantage

When it’s time to liquidate your business, you can either go it alone, or you can leave the hard work to our professionals. We have the experience, dedication and resources to ensure your auction goes off without a hitch, and you get cash for your items quickly. Our team has established relationships with professionals across a wide range of industries, building a qualified customer base for your liquidation. What’s more, we utilize effective digital and traditional marketing tactics to raise awareness of your auction and maximize revenue.

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Upcoming Auctions

  • Jan 13 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Jan 13th, 2021 05:20 AM

  • Jan 8 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Jan 8th, 2021 03:32 AM

  • Dec 24 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Dec 24th, 2020 12:26 AM

  • Dec 17 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Dec 19th, 2020 02:07 PM

  • Dec 14
    Auction Starts Closing: Dec 24th, 2020 12:00 AM

  • Nov 11
    Auction Starts Closing: Nov 11th, 2020 06:00 AM

  • Oct 21 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Dec 24th, 2020 01:00 AM

    Highlights for testing

  • Oct 5 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Oct 20th, 2020 06:30 AM

  • Live Auction #15
    Auction Starts Closing: Nov 30th, 2020 07:26 AM

    This auction is part of a global inventory direct from a major retailer.

    MSRP $1,246.91

    Unit Highlights Include:

    • MS Premium Twin over Full Bunk Bed, Multiple Colors
    • DHP 8 Linen Futon Mattress, Oatmeal Linen
    • Assorted Furniture
    • DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Daybed, Full Size, Tan Linen
    • There are a total of 12 items in the lot.
    • Please view Manifest and Images for information regarding this specific lot of merchandise.
    Additional Auctions by FurnitureNmore.
    Location: warehouse in Las Vegas, NV, 89030. Buyer may arrange shipping.

    Condition Note:

    • You are buying Returns items.
    • Please review the condition under Asset Information and the product notes listed by LSI in the View Manifest link. Click here for a full explanation of product conditions.
    • View additional pictures including pallet photos by clicking "View all photos" tab. Generic product photos are for illustrative purposes only.
    Combined Shipping:

    Winning bidders can combine multiple lots and save on shipping! Click here for more info.

    International Shipping:

    Click here to learn more about the procedures and qualification to ship products overseas.

    Direct Sales:

    Looking for fixed price, truckload-sized lots, or recurring deals? Call 1-877-303-8739 to speak to a Direct Sales Representative.

  • Live Auction #12
    Auction Starts Closing: Aug 12th, 2020 02:10 PM

  • Auctions 12
    Auction Starts Closing: Aug 12th, 2020 02:05 PM

  • Aug 12 - Mobile Auction 2
    Auction Starts Closing: Aug 12th, 2020 07:45 AM

  • Aug 12 - Mobile Auction
    Auction Starts Closing: Aug 12th, 2020 06:15 AM

  • Live auction #14
    Auction Starts Closing: Jul 28th, 2020 11:52 AM

  • Live auction #12
    Auction Starts Closing: Jul 15th, 2020 12:54 PM


  • Live auction #7/9
    Auction Starts Closing: Jul 9th, 2020 10:59 AM

  • Live auction#2
    Auction Starts Closing: Jun 27th, 2020 04:55 PM

  • Live auction #456
    Auction Starts Closing: Oct 30th, 2020 06:31 PM

    Classical antiquity[edit]

    Nonetheless, auctions have a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 BC.[5] According to Herodotus, in Babylon auctions of women for marriage were held annually. The auctions began with the woman the auctioneer considered to be the most beautiful and progressed to the least. It was considered illegal to allow a daughter to be sold outside of the auction method.[4] Attractive maidens were offered in a forward auction to determine the price to be paid by a swain, while in the case of maidens lacking attractivity a reverse auction was needed to determine the price to be paid to a swain.[6]

    During the Roman Empire, after a military victory, Roman soldiers would often drive a spear into the ground around which the spoils of war were left, to be auctioned off. Later slaves, often captured as the "spoils of war", were auctioned in the Forum under the sign of the spear, with the proceeds of sale going towards the war effort.[4]

    The Romans also used auctions to liquidate the assets of debtors whose property had been confiscated.[7] For example, Marcus Aurelius sold household furniture to pay off debts, the sales lasting for months.[8] One of the most significant historical auctions occurred in the year 193 AD when the entire Roman Empire was put on the auction block by the Praetorian Guard. On 28 March 193, the Praetorian Guard first killed emperor Pertinax, then offered the empire to the highest bidder. Didius Julianus outbid everyone else for the price of 6,250 drachmas per guard,[9][10][11] an act that initiated a brief civil war. Didius was then beheaded two months later when Septimius Severus conquered Rome.[7]

    From the end of the Roman Empire to the 18th century, auctions lost favor in Europe,[7] while they had never been widespread in Asia.[4] In China, the personal belongings of deceased buddhist monks were sold at auction as early as seventh century AD.[6]

  • Sep 29 - Auc
    Auction Starts Closing: Sep 29th, 2020 06:35 AM


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